About the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS)

International Institute of Health Sciences is a health care institute with a commitment to lifetime education. We believe in providing the education and guidance that will you as a student to make your chosen career successful. The institute conducts training programs from Diplomas to Bachelors and Masters Degrees to PhD in the areas of nursing, physiotherapy, biomedical sciences, business management and education.

It is spearheaded by leading healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka.


To Transform People, Community and Landscape through Innovation


We are a Human Resource development organisation born to bring innovation to training at a green campus, infusing the traditional values of professionalism, whilst adhering to international training standards to improve the quality of lives of professionals through developing their personalities, by partnering with international organisations, to provide a total solution to the global needs of professionals.

IIHS Student Support Services Department

IIHS is ready to help all its new students by providing to them a friendly yet effective learning environment. We ensure comprehensive support for students from their first point of contact with the college through to graduation. The program coordinators are the first point of contact for students enrolled at IIHS however do not hesitate to rely on our Student Support System and enjoy your new life with your fellow students and obtain the best of what IIHS has to offer.

Academic Support

Learning Support Services

At IIHS students are expected fulfil the requirements of their chosen course. You as student are encouraged to engage in current course activities and immerse yourself in the act of learning. In order for you to do this, IIHS provides support in the areas of academic writing, note taking and time management. IIHS helps you build these attributes by constructing a course specific orientation.

Furthermore, familiarization process in the course programs are made easier at IIHS by introducing Mentorship services. This includes providing students the access to Peer assisted study sessions. These sessions are designed to help you understand the course material, construct notes and ready yourself for the modules.

However if you still require further support or hold any concerns, you are welcome to contact the relevant program coordinator. An appointment can be made through an emailing stating your concern. IIHS encourages its students to use our support services early to maximize their success.

List of program coordinators

General Programs

  • Advance Diploma in General Nursing – Mr.Nuwan Weerakoon ([email protected])
  • Advance Diploma in Physiotherapy – Mr. Amila Navarathne ([email protected])
  • Advance Diploma in Biomedical Sciences

International Programs

IELTS Preparation Program

English Proficiency Testing is a vital step into embarking on your journey to becoming a recognized professional. It is both important and beneficial for students whom wish to migrate in order to complete their course in partnered universities as well as to increase the standard of one’s professional development. IIHS being a successful provider of standardised language support for students will introduce English learning modules throughout the duration of the course and would provide specialized ILETS practice classes within the final year ensuring your accomplishment.

Students should rest assured that IIHS understands that these abilities are important and wishes to guide students into becoming successful professionals.

Health & Counselling Service

Medical services and Emergency

IIHS provides great concern for its students and are responsible in promoting safety within the premises. If you were to face a situation in which medical assistance is required you are advised to visit Impulse Healthcare. Impulse Healthcare is an on-campus healthcare provider with in house medical staff including certified doctors and nurses.
Please call: 071 335 3114

Additionally, students should pay attention to instruction notices alongside maps of the premises are placed in each room stating the
procedure and building exits to be followed in case of emergency.

In case of life threatening instances, students should not hesitate to contact the state emergency numbers. These are:

  • National Ambulance Services – 1990
  • Fire Services – 110
  • Police Emergency hotline – 118/119
  • Bomb Squad Army – 011 243 4251/ 011 243 7515/ 011 233 0646

Financial Assistance

Although standardised education is necessity for one’s development and growth it is not uncommon for students to meet unforeseen financial difficulties either when attempting to enroll and or during the course duration. As per the creation of the Student Support System, students are able to meet with an officer and or request a meeting with relevant staff members to make their study experience as profitable for them as possible. IIHS provides its students means of financial aid through Scholarships, Student Loan Services (agreements made with banks allow such services), Easy Payment Schemes and Work-Study Program.

Contact Details

International Student Services

Visa Application

As an international student wishing to study at IIHS you would have to apply for visa. For this process to be burden-less and quick, students are given the support of GHC Global, a partner company of IIHS. GHC and IIHS- Student Support System, is greatly facilitated in the visa process not only making it easier but also gives opportunity to experience quality education.
Students would be assisted through documentation preparation and be provided individualized support throughout the process.

Transport and Location (Local and International Students)

For local students IIHS provides a shuttle service that can be used by students traveling to and fro from the city of Colombo.

International students are given the facility of airport pickups. Two shuttle services would be provided by IIHS. First shuttle would be students arriving between 12 Noon- 2 pm and the second shuttle would be provided between 3pm -5pm. In case the student does not arrive between these time frames, they are able to request a private mode of transportation from IIHS however, the student would have to arrange payment for the pickup service.

IIHS is located in urbanized location thus, allowing convenient access through various transport modes as well as access to facilities such as Hospitals, Banks, ATMs and Restaurants.

Accommodation Assistance (Local and International Students)

Finding easily accessible accommodation may be challenging for students. Through the Student Support System, IIHS would help students find accommodation that is affordable, accessible from college and one that is within a safe environment. Students may contact staff of the Support System either through email and or physically meeting them for discussion.


Safety is a primary concern at IIHS in order to keep both students and staff members safe. As a part of your course you will be placed in clinical laboratories within IIHS and would be taught the relevant Laboratory safety protocol by the program coordinators. It is encouraged that you understand these guidelines and stick to them as to prevent harm to yourself and your colleagues. In case of a larger outbreak, do not hesitate to contact state emergency services and your program coordinators.

  • National Ambulance Services- 1990
  • Fire Services- 110
  • Police Emergency hotline- 118/119
  • Bomb Squad Army- 011 243 4251/ 011 243 7515/ 011 233 0646

Medical Insurance

International Students with an existing insurance plan are required to supply details of their medical coverage and insurance to IIHS whilst students who wish to apply for medical insurance locally may seek advice and guidance from our Student Support System Officer.

Officers would make sure you are guided and help you arrange a medical insurance policy that is right for you.

Language- learning the Singhalese & Tamil Language

The languages that are primarily used in Sri Lanka would be Sinhala and Tamil thus, students continuing courses at IIHS would be attending placements in which these primary languages are spoken. As IIHS understands that all students may not be fluent in Sinhalese and Tamil, a
language training program would occur during the orientation period, introducing students to the basics of the language. Each student would be helped with a preceptor and fellow students who are fluent in both languages. Likewise, to further ease the language barrier, if present local student support would be arranged during clinical placement. He/ She would act as a translator to you, making the transition to clinical placement seamless.

Pastoral Support/Counselling

At IIHS students do not have to deal with life stressors alone. Crossing borders and changing environments can be quite exciting but also unsettling. To allow a smooth transition for our international students IIHS is ever ready to help. Through the Student Support System, a student is able to request a meeting with a counsellor through the creation of an appointment. He/ She will benefit you by providing an individualized approach with constant reassurance. Students would be encouraged to up bring professional relationships with colleagues and members of staff throughout this process, making you feel right at home. The counsellors are also able to make referrals for third party assistance from qualified medical professionals if you require it.

Financial Management

The Financial management at IIHS is designed to allow students of an international background the opportunity of an easy enrollment and access to a world-class education. Students newly enrolling at IIHS would be supplemented through financial resource facilities such as student tailored advice from very own financial advisors and counselling sessions during the orientation program. Through the Student Support System, financial management officers are readily available to discuss and manoeuvre any concerns you may have.

Contact Details

Cross-Culture Collaborations

IIHS is home to many cultures and traditions. In order for IIHS to allow international students to experience the Sri Lankan culture as well as for local students to experience and understand cultures foreign to Sri Lanka, there are many programs and measures taken to promote fluidity of all our students. The activities and measures include Intercultural education programs: Maldivian community, Individual advising/counselling, social events and activities on- and off- campus events to connect students socially, Liaison with student clubs and associations that have an international or cultural affiliation to support international engagement on campus. A representative from each cultural group as a student coordinator on the executive committees of student bodies.

Career Guidance Support

IIHS is committed to finding the best pathways for its alumni following the completion of their course. It is a leader in actively planning and allowing students to reach their ultimate goal and become contributing members of society. Through the Student Support System, Career Development Programs may be accessed.

Students who wish to continue their work-life abroad may be assisted by our partner company, GHC Global Education. GHC helps you place the first step in finding resources and job opportunity internationally. Working alongside GHC would give students early access to the field and/ or industry that you have majored in. Students are placed in an un-stressful environment due to the efficiency and advice given by GHC and often, are able to find work and settle down whilst following the pathway programs. Students seeking the support of GHC Global may directly contact them and or may request support from an officer in the Student Support Service unit.

For students who wish to settle down locally, opportunities to be placed in leading private hospitals in Sri Lanka are presented to you. Due to the partnership that IIHS holds with private sector hospitals, students who wish to settle down in Sri Lanka may request assistance through the Student Support System and request a meeting with an officer. Upon discussion of your preference and current situation, IIHS would help place you in a recognized working environment.

Students with Special Needs

The accessibility to sites, facilities and building is one of the most important prerequisites for students with disability. The Primary Goal of IIHS for disabled students is to make them feel confident over their education provider and environment. We are also certain that the presence of a spacious and comfortable environment ensuring the success of the college life.

Currently, IIHS has taken steps in the provision of a disability access ramp for the required areas within the premises to minimize the difficulties faced by the students who need extra attention. Further, IIHS equipped with a special elevator transporting system which aided for disability. As a key consideration, IIHS will allow you to contact the relevant authorities to
discuss further support or additional adjustment if the requirement is not been in touch.

Contact Details

Student Orientation Program

IIHS provides an inclusive orientation program to open the door for a paramount experience for students. Whether you are coming to IIHS as a freshman, transfer student or as an international Student there are engaging programs to assist you with the transition to life at IIHS. Every orientation session consists of: a Course oriented session presentation on academic transition, course registration assistance and review (for proper registration), a tour of IIHS, getting your College ID Card and the Library card & the information on services such as student support services, Accommodation services, IIHS develops and implement comprehensive program and services to promote, support and enhance the academic and co- curricular experiences for the newly enrolled students.

Getting a good start is critical to success, a tour of IIHS is a session focus on familiarizing themselves with their new surroundings. Soon after the completion of induction tests and briefing on the Learning Management System, A comprehensive course Oriented program will be running in order to improve basic and advance skills which will be mandatory for College life. Furthermore, IIHS will be taken steps to brush up your English Language and Academic Writing skills along with higher learning strategies which will be helpful during the college period. Simultaneously, orientation will pay equal attention to develop personality, teamwork and Leadership qualities. In addition, IIHS will enlighten you on conflict management and
problem-solving strategies to overcome the day-to-day challenges.

One of the most comprehensive areas of orientation is the referencing which acknowledging sources of information that you used to research your assignment. Moreover, IIHS will provide an overview regarding the basic communication (Native Languages) in the healthcare setting. In addition, if you have missed a few classes due late enrolment IIHS will be conducting catchup classes for the students to avoid missing any of the important sessions.

Other Services

GHC Global Education Services

GHC Global Education is one of the most reliable education consultants on the island. GHC offers services to students who are keen on Higher education in foreign countries. GHC assist students from all backgrounds to achieve their dreams of an internationally recognized overseas qualification. The winning strategy of GHC is the personalized guidance through systematic analysis of the best education option suitable study program. Besides, the presence of inclusive services such as obtaining offer letter from overseas universities, Advising the students on ILETS and PTE requirements and directing them to lead qualified tutors in the island. In addition, GHC backing the student throughout the process of visa application correspond with the institutes and relevant immigration offices. Furthermore, GHC assists students to stand by their own by finding part-time employments and accommodation for an affordable cost. Being a reputed agency, GHC work thoroughly to provide maximum services for their customers by arranging flight reservation and airport pickup by coordinating with the travel agents.

Contact Details

Industry placement and Short Internships

IIHS provides a wide array of career-related resources and services to meet the needs of all students and alumni. Students are highly encouraged to be a part of the working community to gain valuable work experience. IIHS direct the students to Internship Program where provides access into the field or industry in which students are majoring. In addition, IIHS allows
students to work part-time as executive assistants in Marketing, Human Resource and Academic to provide an overall idea on how the organization runs. This will ultimately overcome the lack of sufficient work experience that can be compensated by participation in an internship.

IIHS is committed to providing a valuable experience by offering students the opportunity for rapid personal and professional growth through both sharpen and expand their environmental professional skills during the period of 4-6 months of free time until the university intakes.

IIHS Student Support Services Department

provides comprehensive support for students from their first point of contact with the college through to graduation

The programme coordinators are the first point of contact

Academic Support

Academic Advising

Learning Support Services

academic reading note-taking time management Tutor Referral Service; Mentorship Service;

Peer Assisted Study Sessions

improve understanding of course material; get help with notes and readings;

IELTS Preparation Program

Health & Counselling Service

Visa Application
Transport – Local and International Students
Accommodation Assistance (Local and International Students)
Medical Insurance
Language- learning the Singhalese & tamil Language. Support with local student as translator and support during clinical placement
Pastoral Support/Counselling
Career Guidance Support
Financial Management
Cross-Culture Collaborations

Our programs include

  • Intercultural education programs: Maldivian community
  • Individual advising/counselling:
  • Social events and activities on- and off-campus events to connect students socially
  • Liaison with student clubs and associations that have an international or cultural affiliation to support international engagement on campus. Representative from each cultural group as student coordinator on the executive committees of student bodies.

Students with Special Needs

facilitating the provision of appropriate academic accommodations- disability accommodations

Student Orientation Program

Duration : 9-14 weeks.

  • A tour of IIHS.
  • Completion of the induction tests /Learning Management System / College ID cards and Library Cards.
    • English Language and Academic Writing
    • Higher Learning strategies
    • Personality development
    • Leadership and Team work
    • Conflict management and Problem solving
    • Referencing- Harvard and APA styles
    • Basic communication in the Sinhala and Tamil Language in the health care setting
    • Catchup classes for late enrollments

Other Services

GHC Global Education Services

  • Guidance to select the suitable study program /obtaining offer letters /Advising on IELTS
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Co-ordinate with travel agents and arrange flight reservations for students.
  • Co-ordinate airport pick up at the study destination

Industry placement and Short Internships

Post Graduation- 4-6 months of free time till UNI intake -used for visa and IELTS preparations.

  • Short term industry placement in their respective fields, Nsg, Phy, Biomed, Edu, Mx
  • Part time work as executive assistants in marketing, HR and academic
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