Name: W. A. Rupa Pathmini Menike

Age: 50 Years

Programme: Masters of Nursing

School: Devi BalikaVidyalaya, Colombo 8

Ambition: Direction and collaboration to foster innovation in nursing education My ambition is to develop a new vision for health (nursing) professions education. Given the complexity of health care today, it is important for nurse educators and regulators to collaborate so that we can design and implement innovative and better ways of educating our future nurses. In order to fulfill this aim it is essential to practice the role of the director of student learning which encompasses facilitation of learning, curriculum and program development, program evaluation and assessment and evaluation of nursing students.

Research publications:

‘’Perception and experiences of stakeholders on the clinical learning

Environment of nursing students in Sri Lanka,2015’’

Current status:

Deputy Principal and the Senior Nursing Tutor of National School of Nursing Sri


Your experience at IIHS:

The green, calm and quiet environment and intimate association of staff at IIHS fostered learning. They offered very flexible schedule for day schools. A flexible approach to learn with different demands on my time reduced my tension to learn while working. Communicated with my lectures via dedicated email system.  Had the service of qualified lecturers who worked overseas were expertise in the particular subject areas. They showed commitment to their service. Teaching methods included lectures and e-learning. Multimedia technologies were increasingly used. Professional conferences, seminars and forums motivated us .

Through the various assignments, I have mastered the use of technology as never before. I have learned to communicate through e-mail to my instructor and classmates. I have learned to use the online library to access various research articles. Now I am very comfortable with the computer and had no fears with learning new things. My strengths in the distance learning format is my ability to set goals and be disciplined enough to reach those goals by the deadline.

I feel like I have matured a great deal over a short span, and that I am mentally stronger than before. The whole experience has changed my life, and I’m so glad that it was largely due to the amazing and talented people whom I had the pleasure of working alongside. In time, even if my knowledge fades, I hope that these relationships will last forever in my mind,

What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education–

Life is one big learning journey, however, which means that obtaining my MSN degree is just the next step on that journey. Nevertheless, it is a big step and a huge leap in the amount of knowledge that I had that allows me to be innovative, independent, and visionary. The experience made me realize to enjoy a researcher role in the health sector even more than the practitioner role. I am capable of making important health care decisions by myself too.

I have the personal satisfaction of knowing that I have studied hard to be the best I could be. Recognizing my own abilities allows me to have a more positive attitude about myself. I can’t become a doctoral student without first having a master’s degree. Therefore getting a master’s of science degree in nursing, the benefits are outweigh the costs I had.

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