Name: Vishwa Fernando

Age: 31 years

Programme: Bachelor of Nursing School – Diploma – Boxhill TAFE Institute; Bachelors – Australian Catholic University Ambition – to specialize in Peri-operative / Clinical education Research publications

Ambition: Short term goal – To become a kinesiologist / Long term goal – To become a Doctor in Physical therapy

Research publications /Achievements:

None (couldn’t complete) Projects – “Awareness and preventing from STDs” at IIHS, elected referral point for Drugs and IV calculations study group


Current status:

About to start the final semester in bachelor’s degree

Their experience at IIHS:

Great panel of lecturers, friendly staff / support services, provision of 1 on 1 support / extra support when required, extra curriculum activities, simulations in nursing and physiotherapy practice / practical components


What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education:

Having a sound knowledge in nursing skills, Anatomy and Physiology before the start of the course allowed me a spare time to attend for part-time work opportunities.

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