Name: Roshini Ruwanthika Munasingh

Age: 24 years

Programme: General diploma in Nursing, Affiliated to Deakin University,Australia.

Ambition: my ambition is to gain a world recognized degree in nursing

School: Wayamba Royal College, Kurunegala

Research publications /Achievements:.

Current status:.

I’m in my final semester which I’ll be finished by the end of July

Their experience at IIHS:

Time I spent at IIHS was a tremendous experience filled with academics activities, community projects, research conferences etc. I took part in a research conference presenting a research paper with one of my colleague which was this selected to present at Florida, USA. Studying at IIHS brought me many advantages. Among them,  most importantly, Cost of education was very reasonable and affordable to majority of Sri Lankan students as we have an opportunity of studying a internationally recognized program from Sri Lanka. Not only that, but also, having a highly qualified, very approachable and supportive teaching staff who helped me throughout my academic years was highly beneficial to continue my studies without any difficulty.


What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education:

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