Name: Puneesha Onali Pasqual

Age: 20 years

Programme: Bachelor of Nursing School- International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri LankaDeakin University, Australia

Ambition: – To reach the highest level in the field of Nursing

School: Musaeus College

Research publications /Achievements:.

Aggressive behavior of orphan children in child development centers in western province of Sri Lanka: The perspectives of orphanage matrons

Current status:.  

Working as a registered nurse at Opal Aged Care Warrnambool.

Their experience at IIHS:

The three years at IIHS was a very colorful period as i should say as we did not only gain a vast amount of knowledge but also participated in many cultural activities and sport. The friendships developed still remain the same although we reside in different parts of the world. The best experience was that the staff was always willing to help us out and most of all outgoing and became our friends as well.

What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education?

IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education- At my time IIHS was the only Institute that offered a nursing program which was affiliated to Deakin University Australia and having the ability to complete three years in Sri Lanka was a great opportunity as it was very much affordable for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

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