Name: M.G.Asiri Sandakelum

Age: 27 years

Programme: General nursing diploma (DGN07)

Ambition:  Being a registered nurse in Australia

Research publications /Achievements:

have done two researches during my course

1.Maldivian Health care system

2.knowledge regarding use of paracetamol among female age 25 to 35

Projects: community Health project


Current status:

             I work in Asiri Central Hospital as a staff nurse since 2014-06-23


Their experience at IIHS:

As I started my high education at IIHS, it was really good change in my life. I would have to learn nursing well in well prepared environment and with great team of lectures. As well it was a  reasonable cost for the course fee to get an internationally approved learning pregame.


What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education:

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