Name: Kisara Arambepola

Age: 19 years

Programme: Diploma of Nursing div2 Tafe Queensland Brisbane

Ambition:  practitioner Research publications

School: ilma international girls school

Research publications /Achievements:



Current status:

            3rd semester enrolled nursing, currently working part time in aged care as an AIN as well as in agency.

Their experience at IIHS:

learnt the basics of nursing which helped a lot for future studies as well as work. Experienced staff inspired me to do more with my time and made me realise that I am more capable of making change happen..

What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education:

Brought me opportunity to learn and travel abroad, opening my mind and eyes to what there is offered for nurses; never ending opportunities in so many different sectors. I’m honored to be one of the first Tafe students of IIHS to attend Tafe Queensland Brisbane. Living away from home helped me mature in so many ways.

The cost of education in IIHS is so much more reasonable than it is abroad of course. I’m very grateful for all that IIHS offered me during my time of study!

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