Name: Indika Koralegedera

School: Mahanama College, Colombo

College: IIHS, Welisara

University: Coventry University, UK

Research Achievements:

A Systematic Review of Treatment Effectiveness for Plantar Fasciitis’. BioInquirer Journal 1(1), 77


The prevalence & risk factors for plantar fasciitis among people who live in rural mountainous areas’. BioInquirer Journal 4 (1), 46


Prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among people living in mountainous areas’. BioInquirer Journal 4 (1), 39-40

Current Status: Lecturer, Physiotherapist

About IIHS: IIHS helped me to strengthen my knowledge & hand-on skills and provided international pathways to upgrade my academic qualifications. Moreover IIHS encouraged me to do engage in research & that helped me to complete my postgraduate degree as well.

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