Name: Ayodya Irupaba Karunarathne

Age: 22 years

Programme: DPHY

School: Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya, Holy Cross College, Gampaha

Ambition: To become a world class physiotherapist

Research publications /Achievements:

  1. Awareness on family history of Non Communicable Diseases and practice of preventive methods; among Advanced Level students in Gampaha, Sri Lanka.
  2. Risk activities related to traditional fishing activities leading to musculoskeletal problems among Sri Lankan fishermen.
  3. Musculoskeletal and general First aid knowledge and practices among traditional fishermen in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.
  4. Awareness and Knowledge of Prevention and Basic Rehabilitation Protocols of Sports Injuries among Senior School Athletes in Sri Lanka.
  5. Assessment of musculoskeletal conditions and gait analysis among professional Fashion models in Sri Lanka.
  6. Detailed assessment of a Caudal Agenesis child to design holistic care plan- case study.
  7. Description of musculoskeletal problems and related practices, among suburban pregnant mothers.



Past- All projects organized by IIHS for students

Current- Coventry University GLP, CU volunteering and student rep projects


Current status

Doing my masters in physiotherapy at Coventry University, UK


Their experience at IIHS

I had a wonderful time at IIHS. IIHS has shaped my career in an exceptionally good manner. For all the researches I have presented, the initial platform was IIHS and the bio inquirer conferences. If not for IIHS, I will be another ordinary physiotherapist. At IIHS we are trained to be world class physiotherapists. The events, and conferences organized by IIHS exposed us to lots of international experiences.

What are the advantages of IIHS learning?

The learning environment, virtual learning system, and the teaching systems have made our learning easier, manageable and enjoyable. The lectures are much focused and what we learnt at IIHS has become the backbone of our career. Studying at a country like UK, has made me realize the importance of learning at a place like IIHS which can match the UK standards. Most importantly the lecturers and all others at IIHS make our learning experience a memorable one. All of them will do anything to make a better future for us.

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