Name: Aliyar Iqbal Mohammed Mussab

Age: 26 years

Programme: General diploma in Nursing followed in International institute of health sciences, Affiliated to Deakin University,Australia.

Ambition:  I want to become a health care professional.

School: Km/ Al- Ashraq national School,Nintavur.
And,International institute of health science.

Research publications /Achievements:

I did a research regarding Malnutrition and my topic is ” To determine the factors affecting malnutrition among children in Ampara district (Eastern province ) of Srilanka,  2014.But I couldn’t published.

I presented reflective practise case study.
We did so many projects as a group and individually.for a instance we did a community project for school children regarding food habits.

I prepare to go to Deakin University to my further studies in bachelor in Nursing.

Current status:

About start the Bachelors degree programme at Deakin University

Their experience at IIHS:

What are the advantages of IIHS learning useful in terms of cost of education :

I had a wonderful quality time in IIHS.I was very choosy and not socialize previously. I didn’t have a chance to interact with many people.IIHS gave me the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and background.It develops my attire and personality.I would say IIHS made me as a man which society respects and accepts.

If I didn’t get to know about IIHS I might work in my family business after my A/L. But IIHS made my dream real then made me healthcare professional and  motivate me think big. I am always so thankful to my college, my lecturers especially Dr.Kithsiri Edirisinge to given us a college like ” IIHS “which have opportunities unlimited.

To be honest , cost of course fees is initial charge  ,affordable . Actually it worth when comparing to other institute.
I am always so grateful and thankful to my college.

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